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ISO 9001:2008

UKAS Environmental Management
ISO 14001:2004

OHSAS 18001:2007

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W@M Life Cycle Management - making your life easier

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- Not sure which Endress+Hauser device is the optimum for you application?


This is a typical engineering issue, one that can be solved easily with our Applicator selection and sizing program. First launched in 1985, Applicator brings you a wealth of expertise and knowledge. Simply enter your known process data into the Applicator and it can advise which instrumentation is best suited to your needs.

For more info take a look at www.endress.com/applicator


- Want to improve your order processes or simply get prices and delivery times more easily?


When it comes to developing a streamlined procurement process for our users we are very flexible. For example we provide an online shop to assist you to place orders and obtain quotes for Endress+Hauser instrumentation. It is also possible to check delivery times, get prices, configure devices and even get documentation and traceable spare part information.


Endress+Hauser also offer expertise with OCI (open catalogue interface), online market places and ERP to ERP integration.

For more info take a look at www.endress.com/e-business




- Need access to vital information on your instrumentation? Need it quickly?


Getting the right information at the right time can be vital for the management of your installed base. With this in mind Endress+Hauser have developed a unique solution that contains all information about your instrumentation and your installed base.


W@M Portal (the online version) or W@M Enterprise (the locally installed version) can help you access device specific information and manage your installed base more effectively in a more proactive way.


This online database can help you to:

Get device specific manuals and documentation - e.g. operating manuals, technical information Get device specific certification - e.g calibration or repair certificates Analyse your spare part stock and advise on where it can be optimised Find out what the latest replacement is for a device Manage your maintenance and work activities on a device specific level Request for services or order replacement devices and spare parts online Analyse your installed base by factors of criticality and maintenance possibility And a lot more!


Already over 3000 customers have access to this information. Maybe you already use a Maintenance System? No problem, we have experience of integrating our information into your existing systems.


For more information take a look at our demo account (see link stated below) or use our W@M Device Viewer to get a little understanding of the type of information you can achieve. Enter a serial number into the device viewer and get some of the documentation available for free:



See the demo: Launch Demo portal


Please visit www.endress.com/videos and  get the latest knowledgeable videos on technology & products.